Monday, March 10, 2008

Another weekend done.

The best news in the whole wide world is that today and tomorrow I am not obligated to do anything during the evening hours and I have so many little plans around the apartment and at home. The least amazing news in the whole wide world is that I have had a dull ache in my tooth ever since I got the cavity filled last week so I am headed back to the dentist today to see what they tell me I need to do. I fear the worst!

I had a lovely and somewhat relaxing weekend, even given the terrible snowy weather. We didn't get the storms that they did in the east, but we had our fair share of flakes falling from the sky. I sang with the William Ferris Chorale on Friday to a somewhat disappointing audience, but it was a well received concert nonetheless. I then spent some time with Robin and Dave celebrating Robin's birthday with margaritas and chips! It was a lovely evening that ended with deep sleep. Saturday I spent some time photographing a new friend and then had sometime to myself during the afternoon to clean up a bit around the apartment. The evening was occupied with the perfect movie which I would name but I'm slightly embarrassed, which I shouldn't be because I should have already established on this blog that I have terrible taste and no shame but if you want to know THE PERFECT MOVIE you'll have to ask me in person. Sunday was singing and brunch and dinner and sleep.

This morning because the bus came all too quickly (imagine that) and I couldn't make it to say hi to my "easy easy" dunkin' donuts lady I had to resort to the mcdonalds across the street from work for my coffee. Upon purchase I realized that they had these terrible looking yogurt parfait things that I decided to give a swing at... and wouldn't you know, they are a-ok. two thumbs up for the yogurt parfait that only cost me $1!

I am missing home these days.
Pretty hardcore.
The parents will be here next week.
I'm thinking about taking them to brunch at the Signature Lounge. We did that before and they loved it so I think I would like to do it again.

Bye for now.

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