Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Super Cold 2008!

I spent all of last night coughing. I actually feel much better today than I have for the last few days, but last night was a real doozy where it occurred to me that maybe I was waking my neighbor up? Oh well, I made it through the night and I have this feeling that was the worst of super cold 2008. I called my mother yesterday to just have her here my not there voice and give me a little sympathy, but turns out she is in the same position so the two of just sat and croaked to each other on the phone for a few minutes until I felt the conversation unproductive and said I would call back when I'm feeling better.

I've watched much terrible tv in two days.
The highlight was definitely "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Hills"
I have absolutely come to the point in my life where (as Tim Gunn would say) I've spent too long in the monkey house. I felt myself genuinely feeling worried about who would get kicked off the show last night and actually laughing outloud at Heidi's terrible lip injections.
Seriously, are those for real?

So what I'm saying is, thank GOD that I am feeling better and will be occupied the next three nights rather than subjecting myself to more of this mind numbing goodness.

I leave for the east in one week. I am excited for this as a spring trip seems so exciting right now. I will have camera in hand and my agenda is small.

I've purchased a new backpack for the trip as I am going to try and pack lightly and although I have more bags than anyone should possibly have, it seems they are never the right size for a short trip... and Mary carried a similar bag on our trip to the DR, so I bought it as well. (read: everything Mary does, I must do.)

I'm sure I'll end up filling this so full I can barely carry it, but the reviews were favorable and the price was right.

Today there is sun and some warmth and I am thankful for that. Given the fact that I walked through sleet yesterday, I feel we have more than earned at least a week of the sun. Seriously, please give it to me.

I watched a girl sit in the sun on the bus this morning, bopping to her headphones. It made me feel good about the morning. I started to bop as well.

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