Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update: Like getting back on a bike.

This is blog post is being written to you from the new found comfort of my desk chair at work as I began the morning with my medically recommended MASsage. Just kidding. I'm actually still in pain. The massage was rather intense as Laura stuck her bony little fingers in all my pressure points and I nearly cried about a dozen times. It felt good, but dang!

The weekend was a good one, as the weather lent itself to springtime happenings and I felt rather productive given the temps and the sun. On Friday I traversed down the street to the City North 14 to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which I kept accidentally calling "I Hate Sarah Marshall". This is because of the obnoxious billboard all over the city for this movie, which although caught my attention, I don't believe were very successful at conveying the hilarity of the film. It was really very funny, with my group of friends (ok, mainly me) being the loudest laughers in the theatre. It was not AS funny as "Knocked Up" but it was close. I was reminded that sometimes it is fun to make an event of movie going rather than it just being something you happen to do.

Saturday I spent simultaneously relaxing and cleaning. I had a leisurely morning of doing laundry and the dishes and listening to old mix tapes that Jen and I used to exchange. For the record, regardless of whether you like my musical tastes now or not they have improved exponentially. I had terrible taste, and not in a so bad it is good kinda way. Let's just say there was way too much Ani DiFranco on some of my tapes. I also took a quick trip to the home depot to pick up some things for the home and made a new addition to my successful and happy family of plants.

I'm telling you... my green thumb is impressive.

Saturday evening Jessica and Taylor came over to have a few drinks before we went over to Avenue M to meet up with Christina and Philip. It was a fun night that ended sitting curbside, eating flash taco.

Yesterday the weather was still a bit chilly, but sunny and nice to say the least so I decided it was the day for the inevitable to happen. I pulled the bicycle out from the basement, pumped up the tires, and got back on. This was my first ride since THE ACCIDENT in September. Ha. It was fine honestly, and as I made my way down to wicker park and up Western avenue I was reminded that there is really more freedom in riding a bike than in most other forms of transportation (or walking). You just see more details in the city and you have more control over your timing. I don't have to wait for traffic, but I can move more quickly than if I were to walk. For me, it is the preferred way of getting around... although my butt is killing me today. That is the worst part about not having ridden for so long.

Oh! I almost forgot. Linsey was kind enough to go to Stanley's with me yesterday where I stocked up on some amazing produce, particularly fresh strawberries. This was the lunch that resulted.

If that doesn't say Spring/Summer, I don't know what does.


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