Monday, April 28, 2008

It's 9:04am

I've been here at work for nearly an hour. Why you ask?
Well, not because I enjoy getting up before 7 on a Monday morning, but rather because I had to make a little presentation at 8:30 in the am. It went just fine, but I'm not sure my eyes were open throughout.

Before I launch into my weekend update, I would like to ask once again (even though I have done similarly in previous blogs): Aren't crossing guards for kids? I mean, I understand that they have a job to do but I find it positively embarrassing when the crossing guard near my bus stop stops traffic to let me across. Ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration... she basically just walks out there with me when the light turns red and the cars stop, but really? Do I look like I can't do it on my own? I'm a big dude! And, I manage many other crosswalks throughout my days just fine without her so I wish she'd just give me a break and say hello and wave as I leave her side and walk across the street.

A lovely weekend it was!
It was full of ART actually. Capital A R T.
Friday evening I departed work and met up with Linsey to head over to Artropolis to see the cavalcade of art fairs happening in tandem. Unfortunately we only made it through about two thirds of one fair! It was so much freakin' art, and good art at that! I felt completely overwhelmed and on sensory overload. I also just don't understand why galleries and art fairs close so early. 7pm? That's annoying. Let's make a night of the art, rather than an early evening. Regardless, we had a great couple of hours indulging. Afterwards we headed to Penny's for some noodles and beer. This was followed by a birthday party and a late night of dancing (watching and making fun of other people dancing). The night could have gone much later, but it was necessary to try and get some sleep as Saturday was a big day of surprises for Linsey's birthday.
On Saturday we took a surprise trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum, where we enjoyed yet more art and a lovely little picnic along lake Michigan. I have to say that people have been hyping this museum to me for quite sometime and I imagined it to be fun, but it was more than I could possibly imagine. It is a stunning structure with ample art that I found myself extremely interested in. We spent nearly four hours there (including our picnic) and I think we definitely could have spent an hour or two more?

I bring you visuals!

The best part about this day was that is was surprise. Although she had figured it out (for the most part) the ladies and I whisked Linsey away for this little birthday adventure.

After a long and tiring day of art and eating, we headed back to Chicago where we went to see Baby Mama with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. This movie was pretty funny. I think it was a mistake to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall one weekend and then Baby Mama the next because this didn't have as many laugh out loud moments so it felt a little underwhelming, but it is definitely worth seeing as Amy Poehler has some pretty classic moments.

Yesterday I spent taking care of the things I had put off the previous two days. I had intended to go to a birthday party, but I couldn't get up the energy. It also occurred to me to head back to Artropolis, but I felt overwhelmed by that notion so I decided to shut the phone off and regroup.

Today there is a threat of snow. My friend Tim said yesterday "They said snow and I said no."
I too, am saying "no."


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