Friday, April 4, 2008

Just Chan!

Here is my amazing piece of junk mail for the day.

The subject reads: "Bomb her womb from your huge cannon!"

I blame Bush. (oh wow... punny!)

So I just saw Cat Power last night because the concert was crowded and had this weird corporate agenda (it was sponsored by the Sidekick, which ... I think Sidekicks are decidedly immature for some reason? (sorry if you have a Sidekick)) so I just stayed for Chan and watched her be insane in front of a bunch of John Legend fans who just seemed confused and disinterested. Chan Marshall is really a wack job and that is why she is so amazing. She seems possessed by her music and I am so intrigued by that. She just paces the stage and fiddles with her clothing and has small seizures or something. It's amazing, but not when you're around people who don't get it, or don't care to get it I imagine. The truth is, I've seen John Legend and so I didn't feel bad about leaving.

Before the show I met up with Abby and we had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant in Lakeview. I ate some veggies baked in Philo Dough and she had some sort of shrimp dish that looked delish.

Despite the rain and the less than stellar show, I had a nice evening.

Tonight I will reconnect with old coworkers. I'm very much looking forward to that.

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