Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"First of all, stop calling it The Laze. It's your blog."

I realized yesterday as I was leaving the chiropractor's office in Lakeview/Lincoln Park that I am straight up waltzing my way into yuppiedom. I need to check that before it gets outta control cause I was feelin' all good after I got my back cracked and was thinkin' about my massage I will be getting next week and then I was like "whoa, sluggah." It is times like these that I think I should get my butt out of the city before it is too late... but after my massage next Thursday.

This is my favorite quote from the last few of days.
"First of all, stop calling it The Laze. It's your blog."

My response?
"I'm calling it theLAZE."

I have been doing a lot of reading of articles for my class that all essentially read the same and I'm afraid I wont be able to keep my big mouth shut and I will say that in class today. "Why do you keep having us read articles that are all the same? And, why are most of them written by you?" You, being the professor. Graduate education feels so different than undergrad. I am so much less bright eyed and bushy tailed ... yet rather disgruntled. I will try and remain optimistic and learn things.

I also got back on the bicycle again today and it was a lovely ride. I thought again what freedom I have as I watched a long line of traffic wait to make their way onto the expressway and I just breezed by. It really is a wonderful form of transportation.

I'm still sitting on my pictures from the trip. Well, not literally as that would be uncomfortable... but I just keep looking at them thinking how it feels really distant really fast.

Oh, and I have a shopper's confession. I realize this will quickly wield me back into the yuppiedom status that I spoke of earlier, but I am willing to take that risk as I think it is too late already. See, I bought these shoes at which is like an extension of London's Top Shop.

Exhibit A:

Actually, that is the only exhibit. So I bought those shoes and maybe that was dumb because the dollar is sooo weak compared to the pound so maybe I paid more for them than I should (that amount will remain undisclosed) but then on top of those costs, the shipping was $20! But you know what? I decided to do it because I really have been looking for shoes that look like this and it was worth it so I ordered them, and received them in a prompt 4 days. Unfortunately, the shoes are tooooo big. So, I call and they tell me I can just send those back and order another pair. Here is the kicker: They don't refund the shipping, so I had to pay $20 to send them back (this is the lowest shipping rate) and then I had to pay another $20 for the new shoes to be shipped to me. In total, I have paid $60 in shipping costs alone and I can't bring myself to tell you how much the shoes cost.

So, my latest lesson with the struggling American dollar is: don't buy shoes from London, especially if you're not sure they're going to fit.

Good bye!

Oh, and ps. Please don't tell me what you think of these shoes because it is too late anyway. Thanks!


LFo said...

okay, then. all i will say is - that's a mighty big shoe.

i also love the visual of you sitting on your pictures.

Florence MightImpale said...

um, i know you don't want to hear this, but...those shoes are eff-ing sweet.