Friday, April 18, 2008

Because it is Friday

Umm, you will probably never hear me say this again (especially if I become terminally ill) but God bless my insurance!

This morning I made my way to the "local" chiropractor and it was a sweet sweet deal, where I found out I can partake in regular massage therapy for $10! Yes, please!

It was odd overall.. he kept asking me all these questions about the history of my back pain and I didn't know how to answer really. I felt he was getting irritated with me so he just cracked my back, which is honestly all I wanted him to do anyway. Then they put electrodes on my back for a while then I zapped myself with a laser. Hahah. This could absolutely be a charade, but I'm buying it (or my insurance is buying it) so I can get some ten dollah massages.

I got my pictures back last night from my trip and overall, I felt disappointed. I believe it is because I saw such beautiful landscape that a picture of it just seems underwhelming. I also just feel like I don't take pictures like I used to these days, as if I am going through some sort of transition. I feel like my pictures are way to aware now and they used to be naive and that was why they worked, but now I know better? I don't know how to articulate this exactly, but I feel like this summer I need to do some artistic exploration.

Here is a picture of Mark and Tyler from the beaches of Provincetown.

Also, because it is Friday and I am feeling particularly aligned (read $10 massages!), I would like to share two new pieces of music/artists I discovered yesterday.

The first comes from an actress who was most recently seen on one of my favorite shows, Weeds. Zooey Deschanel and M Ward have brilliantly teamed up for a little duo called She & Him. It is a brilliant little throwback and I have to say that Zooey's singing voice is predictable in the most brilliant of ways. It sounds exactly how it should.

Here is a Beatles cover: I Should Have Known Better

Also, I came across a brilliant little Swede name Lykke Li because I found this great little video.

You can download the track here: I'm Good, I'm Gone

She is fun littler popster, reminiscent of another songstress.

Ok! Happy Friday to you.

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