Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I deserved this.

Let me preface this post by saying that I realize in the grand scheme of my life and my worth in the world, my hair is a minuscule piece. Its great value is next to none and spending too much time talking about it is really a waste, but that being said... this is a blog and it is the exact forum where we pontificate on things less than important.

I got a terrible haircut yesterday.
Really, one of the worst that I have received in a number of years.
The kind where I knew it was happening at the time but convinced myself to just let the girl finish and I would be able to go home and fix it, just like I always do. But, this is really bad enough where I couldn't do anything, primarily because it is so short there is not much more to cut.
The truth of the matter is, as two of you in particular will tell me (again) this is my fault because I didn't need a haircut. I just had such a favorable time at the last barber I went to that I thought I would get another cut before I went away for the week... and so I found this barber shop right here by my work and made an appointment and hopped on over. I should have known immediately as the girl introduced herself that this was bad news, and particularly as conversation progressed and she asked me one dumb question after another, I should have just ran... but thats the thing about haircuts. You're stuck! You're in this chair and you're trusting someone to not screw it up and when they are screwing it up you really can't do anything about it, especially if you're afraid of confrontation like I am.

So, here I am with shorter hair than I've had in years. A terrible haircut in the front and an even worse haircut in the back. I was trying to think of famous people that rock a good version of my bad haircut and the only one I could come up with was Tom Ford.

The only thing is, I don't own and suit like that and he has the whole older balding man thing going on and I'm afraid I'm going to be tryin' to rock the young(s) balding man with the bad haircut.

I just had a revelation. My hair COULD look like this!

(Thanks Britney, for all you do. Really.)

ANYWAY! Enough.
Let me use this as my Yelp.com posting.
Don't go to State Street Barbers (ever!) and especially don't let Christine cut your hair.

On a completely different note, what is the use of an unmarked police car if I can always spot them?

Chew on these things.


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MC said...

I'd just like to point out that now, your hair is an even more minuscule part of your life and worth in the world.