Monday, April 7, 2008

...and then it was spring.


The sun is out.
The birds are chirpin'.
The flowers are peaking their heads through the ground.
It feels good, people.

My weekend was spent for the most part trying to my best to be out in the midst of this sunny goodness. I ran into my friend Tim on Saturday and he said that when he tries to get out in the sun that somehow always leads him to commerce and obviously the same is true for me as we ran into each other while shopping.

Friday night I was able to reconnect with some old coworkers through a potluck and that was quite a good time. I hate how time separates people. It is the natural progression of life, but when you're reminded of how things were it makes me a bit nostalgic for an earlier time... although I would want to be the person I am now, not the person I was then.

Otherwise, I am just preparing to take off for my trip this week.

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