Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's 10:01am

Oh, friends. I am incredibly tired this morning.

After work yesterday I headed to the Merchandise Mart to help a friend of a friend take down and pack the art from their gallery. It turned out to be quite the undertaking as when one handles expensive art, one must do so very carefully and very particularly. Also, as the art was being shipped back to Toronto, so packing was key.

As a side note: I am out of shape. If moving art is making me sore, I officially have a problem. I need to work on my fitness.

After about 6 hours of packing art, I tagged along to have some drinks and din din (at Avec) with all the art folk. As most of them were international (two in particular from Spain) I had to spend a good half an hour explaining why I wasn't eating meet. One adorable little Spanish girl just kept looking at me and asking "Why!?" then she would put the plate and front of me and tell me to eat it because I was too skinny and I was a growing boy. Ha! I had to look her in the eyes and tell her to please not worry about me and enjoy her food. Anyway, in a truly not American style of eating, they all ordered and ordered and ordered and drank and talked and sat for nearly three hours... resulting in the group closing down the restaurant at 1 in the AM.

It was a surprise of an evening, and a lot of fun. I'm just tired now.

Today is rather low key though, so I will indulge that.

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