Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well done Mister Dyson!

So, I feel daunted by the task of recounting my trip and I am half way waiting for the pictures to do so but I figured I will write a few things in the meantime.

First and foremost, have you all used one of these yet?

It's a Dyson hand dryer and it is simply amazing. One sweep up the hands and the water is gone. I have used them at a couple of restaurants here in Chicago, but I was reminded how wonderful they are when I discovered them in the Providence, RI airport. Well done Mister Dyson!

Ok, so I will just document places of travel and then Maybe I can do more specifics later... or maybe if you're my close friend I've already told you... or maybe if you want to be my close friend you can call me and we can talk about it.

Last Wednesday I flew into Providence, RI where I met my friend Tyler at the airport. We rented a car and took off for a week of travels throughout much of New England that took us 1000 miles.
Our points of destination were as follows:
Providence, Rhode Island
Concord, New Hampshire
The White Mountains of New Hampshire
Augusta, Maine
Portland, Maine
Salem, Massachusetts
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Newport, Rhode Island
Then... Back to Providence.

It was a pretty sweet trip, as we saw landscape that varied from farmland, to mountains, to the ocean, to cliffs and waterfalls. In Concord we stayed with my beautiful friend Ana and spent and evening drinking local beer and catching up. It was a sweet night. The following day we drove through the exceptionally beautiful White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire where we stopped periodically to take a walk and a picture. We stopped at a small restaurant in the mountains where the waitress made fun of us for ordering healthy food... and when I said to her that we weren't from the area she said "your kidding!" in a very sarcastic manner. I asked her to stop judging me. Following our travels through the mountains we made our way to a killer B&B in Augusta on a farm that used solar energy and had llamas and sheep and chickens. We had homemade desserts and breakfast and just had the most relaxing time. In Portland we found a sweet little in on the northwest corner of downtown with gaudy wallpaper and more character than one could typically ask for. Portland was my favorite city we stayed in as it seemed to have a lot of interesting things going on and a really interesting vibe as it sits along the sea. It seemed as all of the locals walking down the street had been weathered by the storm, which was just sort of fun to look at... like everyone had dirty jeans on, if that makes sense? From Portland, we made our way down the coast... stopped to see Plymouth Rock (disappointing!) and then made our way along the cape to the absolute tip, Provincetown. This part of the trip honestly felt like we were driving to Mars. It was a foggy day and all we could see were dunes and water and it just felt like we were driving forever until we ended up in this bizarre town in the middle of the ocean. We had a wonderful stay in PTown with my friend Mark who was the perfect tour guide. The highlight of this stay was that we were able to go to the Ocean's edge and see whales feeding. It was truly incredible. As we went whale watching I asked "how will we know when we see a whale?" but as soon as we arrived at the beach I saw huge puffs of air shooting out of the water and large tails that followed. It blew my mind. Truly incredible. After PTown we drove through Newport and then back to Providence where we made out departure.

It all worked out wonderfully. The driving was a lot, but the pacing was right and I don't feel like we missed anything that I was itching to do or see. We had plenty of time in coffee shops just sipping and relaxing but we also were able to be pretty active in nature, etc. I feel really pleased with it all... and anxious to do more trips of the sort.


But now I am back and school is knockin' on my door. I spent last night in class after missing the first two! But it seemed not so much a big deal as the professor didn't even know for sure who I was (even though I had emailed with him twice?) and it seems as if I can just do a bunch of reading each week, talk about it, and be fine.

I don't mind school like that.

The sun has gone away today, but the weather is still warm. I need to pull out my bike.

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