Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Day

It occurred to me last night that my professor is in fact Rosie O'Donnell and because of this, I am coming across as Elizabeth Hasslebeck. Now, please God, don't let me be Elizabeth Hasslebeck, but this dude is driving me crazy and someone has to play the devil's advocate, otherwise we are a bunch of liberals sitting their patting each other on the back and not coming up with any solutions. Mind you, my advocacy on behalf of the devil is not leading to solutions, but it at least is my attempt to open up the conversation?

Either way, it sure riles me up. I felt myself peddling more quickly than usual as I rode away last night.

(I was going to post the youtube video of the infamous Rosie/Elizabeth The View quarrel, but watching ten seconds of it made me want to die, so I wont subject you to that.)

In more light hearted news, a sure sign of spring has shown its lovely head. I have switched to iced coffee. Now, because I love a good visual aid I did a little Google search for Starbucks iced coffee (as that is what I currently hold in my hand) and while doing so I of course come across a clear representation of how I look with my iced coffee.

I always say, "If it is good enough for an Olsen, it is good enough for me!"

Gosh this blog is turning into all pop culture all the time. (Look out Perez!)

It is a sunny Thursday and I'm feelin' alright about the world. Tonight I will head up to Evanston to see a friend's MFA show.

And, because I am a copycat and Milan alerted me to the new Jamie Lidell album, I will share this track that is getting the both of us in the summer spirit.

Another Day - Jamie Lidell

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