Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To Run

Yesterday, I ran home from work. I'm not saying this figuratively as though I was in a hurry or something, I actually physically ran home from work. I put on my shorts, and my sneakers and took off running. It turns out it isn't that far. I originally thought it was three miles, but I think it is more like 2.7, since it didn't really take me that long to get there.

I have to be honest, I hate running. I think that running when you're not in a hurry is a silly thing to do but I was reminded yesterday as I was forcing myself to not stop until I was home that it is a healthy thing to challenge one's self in ways like that. I actually had to have a conversation with myself that went something like this:

"This is stupid. I'm going to walk."
"You're stupid. Keep running you wimp. You can't make 3 miles?"
"I will be fine for the 5k... I'll have adrenaline. I can just stop now."
"O. M. G. Just run and stop doing everything half assed. You do this with everything and now you can't run all the way home?"
"Who am I trying to kid? I'm so out of shape. I can't run. Oh wait. There is my house. Whoa, I can totally run faster than this."
*sprints to the door*

It's silly, but when you're focusing on something like that, with no other distractions, the inner struggle is so much more audible. So, I made it and I think the race tomorrow will be quite fun. I'm looking forward to it, if not for any other reason than to say I actually followed through with this and completed it.

In television news, I thought this was pretty entertaining.

My favorite line is "I don't mean to be cliche, but I'm not here to make friends."

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LFo said...

I love the internal conversation. It sounds so much like the ones I have with myself. Ha.