Tuesday, July 8, 2008



The weekend seems so long ago, except it was just a day... but when you return to your desk after a long weekend of good things, work makes it feel oh so distant.

The fourth holiday weekend was really a nice one. On Friday I kept repeating that I couldn't believe it was Friday and not Saturday, which I'm sure was annoying for those around me but I really couldn't believe it. It felt too good to be true... especially with 75 degree temps and sunny skies. So in no particular order, I did some fireworks, saw Matt and Kim, spent hours in the sun, cooked out with the 'ole crew, beached for a while, lit bottle rockets (well, watched while others lit bottle rockets and covered my ears), more cooking out, some brunch, grocery shopping, potted a new plant and some cooking! Yes! Real, live, cooking. I made myself a fresh summer pasta salad, which I should be ashamed to say that I've never done before.

Yum, right?

Here are some other snippets of the weekend.


So, in an hour or so I will be headed downtown with some coworkers to do this $10 buffet at the Signature Room at the top of the John Hancock where we are going to enjoy this special that only takes place on Tuesdays during the month of July.


And finally, I present to you my summer mix 2008.

You can download it here: Summer Gamez

You might not like it. I don't know. I think it is fun and kind of dancy and representative of the stuff I've thinking about and listening to lately. Also some stuff people have recently sent me.

Sooo, enjoy if you like.

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