Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dude, drugs are crazy.

Ok, so I love me some Amy Winehouse. I really do. I listened to her album on repeat back a year or so ago and I thought it was a great throw back album which, Mark Ronson was a lot responsible for, but that Amy's vocals fulfilled. There was great irony in it all too, I mean she sang so honestly about heart break and drug use and we all knew it was true because you could actually hear it in her voice and for some reason it came across as noble or something. Nina Simone-esque? I realize that is a dangerous comparison, but you understand what I'm getting at.

But then, the truth of it all became tabloid fodder and I like many others can't help but watch in terror and fascination. I mean, it totally sucks that this talent has really ruined her body and her voice through drug use, but have you ever seen a better public service announcement for the ways in which drugs can make you crazy? I really can't help but laugh.

Exhibit A:

This is classic. How does one even begin to explain this scenario?

Exhibit B:

What is going on here???

Exhibit C:

HAha. I've posted this picture before because it always makes me laugh. The oufit. The expression. The cigarette.

To emphasize the crazy it seems as though the beehive has reached epic proportions:

And now in performance:


One thing that I will always fail to understand about celebrities imploding is why they don't just go away. Amy and Britney I think are perfect examples. If I were them, I would take off! You've got the money! Go to an island... get some sun... relax! Stop roaming the streets of London or LA where you know there are Paps outside your door. I suppose it has to do with the addiction to that attention? But frealz! Go to the Dominican and have a nice holiday. I can vouch that it might not sober you up, but you'll at least get some rest and a nice tan.

In short, Amy, get it together! You're too good for this. And, stay inside while you do it!

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