Wednesday, July 30, 2008

in line

Blogging while waiting in line at the Salvation Army. The beauty of being in a small town is that I can always find amazing gems in thrift stores because they don't get picked over like the stores in the city do, but the part that is amazing to me is how long I've been waiting in line because no one seems to be in a hurry... And you know, I'm not in a hurry either, but I'd be interested in moving more quickly than this.

Things are going well here. My calves are terrifically sore from carrying boxes down stairs and my body is covered in mosquito bites including my forehead. I've been eating as though I've never seen food before which makes my mother happy.

I've also been managing to do some good life analysis which always seems to be the case when I am home, and I am thankful for that. I often just need to remove myself to gain some perspective.

I've also watched swim fantastic tv! The Ovation channel is so good. This morning I completed a really beautiful documentary on Sally Mann and last night it was Cindy Sherman. Almost makes me want cable, but I suppose then this would not be such a treat.

Anyway, I have a number of stories but they seem daunting to type on my iPhone so I will save them for a real keyboard.

Happy to not be at work on hump day

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