Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blanket apology for all future gratuitous iPhone posts

I apologize for the obnoxious post below. I'm afraid the that all these recent advancements in technology are all about the TMI and I am prone to indulging! The iPhone will exacerbate that in me kinda of like the status updates on Facebook, which are something I find myself participating in regularly, but also annoyed at just as often. There is a part of me that thinks it all very silly for people to be writing things like "Davin is hungry!" for all of their Facebook friends to see... because if we're going to do that then why don't we write "Davin has an unfortunate itch." or something of that sort. You get the idea, and I mean, I suppose I could write things like that but let's hope I don't get to that point.

Anyway, the iPhone is awesome. It really is. I left work yesterday in such a flurry because I needed to get home to get the packaging for my temporary phone to return it so to pick my iPhone. I scurried over to the store and proceeded to spend the next hour sitting at Starbucks playing because I was too excited to get on my bike and sacrifice the riding time. Mind you, I live about a 10 minute bike ride away from the store.

I'm glad it is here now and I'm glad to be able to take it to Michigan with me when I travel this weekend. It will give me ample time to explore its possibilities and maybe shut up about it after that.

This may seem like a funny thing to say, but I was thinking yesterday as I walked out of the store that I feel really blessed and grown up. It still strikes me as odd that I can desire something, save money that I earn at my job and then buy it. I mean, when did this happen? I remember being a child and wanting things and having to wait until Christmas to possibly get them.

Ok! Enough.
I have been listening to a lot of Michael Jackson lately and I came across this song which I thought sounded too much like Stevie Wonder.

Turns out it was written by Stevie Wonder. Its amazing how Stevie created such a signature style that even Michael Jackson vocals can't mask.

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