Thursday, July 3, 2008

Angelina, indeed.

I saw Wanted last night.

Whoa, yes, ok.

I loved it. It was totally cheesarific and wonderful. The plot was superfluous to the incredible stunts and special effects... and boy, Angelina does that whole "bad ass pouting lips" thing really well. I mean, I guess she is probably not pouting as she has rather large kissers, but you know what I'm saying. The don't mess with me eyes and all.

This is my coworker, Dan.

He became and American citizen yesterday.

He read an oath that said he would bear arms on behalf of the United States if called to do so... which I find really interesting, because apparently I read that oath by being born here? But regardless, we are all very proud of him and excited that he can get a passport now. Yay, Dan!

Also, this is my new favorite plant.

Not because it is really special at all, it is just a basic house plant, but see I broke it off another plant and encouraged it to grow roots like this:

And then it did and then I gave it a wonderful home in a coffee can, which I am slightly obsessed with lately. Buying my coffee in cans seems more chic and potentially useful, provided I encourage more plants to grow roots.

Finally, here is a picture of Sara getting ready to enjoy the ice cream we went to pick up on Monday night.

There are a lot of good things about summer, but ice cream is right up there for me. If I could eat it every day I would... well, maybe I do... but shh.

I think this weekend is going to rock my socks off. I have brought along my swimsuit in anticipation of leaving work early and heading with some coworkers to the beach. Then, fireworks, cookouts, and ?

I'm going to try and make leisure (read as LEH - ZURE) the biggest word in my next wordle.

Off we go.

Oh, I almost forgot.
I'm feelin' this as a summer jam.

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