Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Leisure and...

Where to even start?

I had such a lovely weekend and stellar birthday. Exactly what I had hoped for. Not too planned, but enough activity to make a boy feel like an old man.

Friday started with a bang, literally, as I dropped my cell phone and it snapped in half. Yes, completely in half and as I stared at the ground looking at its broken self, the only thing I could think to do was take a picture... so I pulled out my camera, opened it up, and realized it too, was broken. Yes, both Robin and I came away from the beach last week with sandy/broken cameras. So, Friday seemed a little less than stellar, but I decided to do my best embrace my unreachability and let the wind take me where it would. Two galleries, some Mediterranean food, a party. It was good beginning to my weekend.

Saturday was on the low key side. Laying out in the sun, picking up around the house, and putting the finishing touches on Taylor's going away present. The party that evening was a blast, but at the same time very sad. It feels especially odd that this friend is moving because she has been here since the beginning of my time in Chicago. When Jarrett and I first moved here, she was the first person we really hung out with and we really explored our first days in the city together so it seems to signify something that she is leaving... I mean, a lot of people have moved since I've been here, but this is the first long term mainstay.

Sunday, I got up and packed a backpack that would prepare me for most any situation. I headed off to sing at church and then let the day take me away. It was an odd day as the weather seemed to sporadically change from beautiful to ominous, but I embraced it and walked for quite a few miles ending up with friends and strangers along the way. At one point I was at a house party with some strangers who told me they were going to vote for McCain to spite the way the democratic party treated Hillary and I nearly lost my birthday bliss. Then I scurried home to get gussied up for my fancy dinner with the ladies. We enjoyed one of the better meals I have had in a long time at the Green Zebra.

After the Zebra, I headed home... only to be coerced into heading out dancing until the wee hours. I told myself that if you don't do these things on your birthday, when will you do them?

It was really quite a wonderful day.

And this week? I expect it to be more of the same.
Remember my committment to leisure and the Benjamins this summer? Well, I'm doing a good job on the leisure part, but I need to kick it up with the Benjamins. Maybe next week I'll get working on that...

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