Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Odd Day

I know I'm not usually a weekend blogger, but I have a few moments and nothing is on TV so I thought I'd share... because well, I'm all about the over share. (see all previous blog posts)

Feist was great.
What a lovely voice.
Ravinia is of course always wonderful and I appreciate the fact that at certain concerts I will definitely run into certain folks who I love to run into.

This morning I awoke quite early to head to the suburbs for a singing gig.
A memorial service to be precise, which frankly, is a weird gig. I often do weddings and funerals but funerals are an odd thing to be a part of as a stranger. My friend and guitar player, Marty and I were talking about this and he said that maybe in someways a funeral is more universal because not everyone will get married, but everyone will die... so in some ways it could be an easier ceremony to relate to? I don't know, but I continue to be amazed at the places life takes me.

Finally, I just spent some time at the AT&T store getting ready for the next shipment of iPhones. I made the switch. They preregistered me for the iPhone and switched my number to AT&T, which is the first time in my life that I have left a company with which I have spent a long time. I got my Verizon account in 2000. I remember it specifically, as I set it up in Muskegon, Michigan during my summer working by the lake and then one by one my friends got cell phones with Verizon and during my time working at Ravinia, we all had Verizon phones. But, times are changing and the iPhone is calling (punny!) so, I've switched and now I will carry this temporary phone until my sweet sweet baby comes home.

Lucky for us though, I've managed to record a couple of my favorite voicemail messages that sat in my Verizon mailbox for quite sometime. I'd like to share two in particular that make me smile. The first is from my parents. It was recorded in June of 2007 when I was returning from the Dominican Republic.

The second was left by and unnamed friend. It places lyrics from a classic pop song to one of the hymns we sing at church. Just take a moment and listen to this beauty...

Now, I'll wait patiently for the day when I can actually make posts like this from my phone.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. Both of those messages are classics! It's so great that you can save them. Hahahah.

Your 'unnamed friend' sure has a great voice. Perhaps she should accompany you at your next funeral.