Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost Away

Where do my mornings go?

I'm just taking a quick minute to write as the day is sure to prove busy as I orientate students about their upcoming college experience. I think I'm getting to that point as an adult where it is hard for me to remember what some of these situations were like... I mean, 18 seems like a terribly long time ago and although I can remember the events of that time I don't necessarily remember what it felt like, in someways making 18 year olds seem much more alien than ever before. Cute though! I love that they wear new shoes to these sort of events. I can remember what it is like to feel special in new shoes.

After the business of the day I am going to run a number of errands, try to catch The Dark Knight (because I seem to be the last person on the planet who has not seen it and it has only been out for a week!) and then do some packing before I make the bittersweet trip to Michigan.

I'm afraid the next days are going to be consumed with packing boxes with 35 years worth of stuff and constant discussion about house purchasing and house building. Which, is fine. This was bound to happen and in someways this is the perfect time, but it will be an odd week. I can't say I am looking forward to it? Although, I can say I am looking forward to getting out of Chicago.

In other news of me being overly emotional, I was checking out the news yesterday and there was tons of coverage of Barack Obama and his European travels. I couldn't helped but be moved by the image of Barack speaking to over 200,000 in Berlin.

I don't ever recall feeling moved about a politician before. I just have to believe this is how people were feeling during the Kennedy Era. I know it is special.

Also, with regards to the Ford layoffs, I of course feel just terrible about all the folks losing their jobs... especially as a Michigander I understand what an effect this has on families etc. BUT! Can I just say that car manufacturers have been arguing for years that the market should determine whether they make more fuel efficient vehicles or produce more suvs etc and well, now it has. So I know this time is hard but I have to find some satisfaction in that fact that people now need fuel efficient cars and being "green" is somehow becoming market friendly. These are interesting times!

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