Thursday, July 10, 2008

Race Day

If I were to quote a movie that would represent how I feel today, it would be...

"With two weeks until the pageant...
(continued labored breaths)
I was practicing my talent. Finishing
my costume, brushing up on current
events, and running eighteen miles a
day on about four hundred calories. I
was ready."

"The nurse gives her a hit of oxygen. Mary smiles and
gives a THUMBS UP from behind the oxygen mask."

Drop Dead Gorgeous.

I love this movie. I think it is brilliant.
Apparently I tell people that a lot because the other day when I mentioned it at lunch my coworkers said to me "WE KNOW! YOU LOVE IT! YOU'VE TOLD US!"

Anyway, today is indeed the Niketown Bastille Day 5k and "I am ready!"
Actually, I don't feel so ready, but it will be fine. I've purchased some new gym shorts from Target and I've been loading up on carbs. Just kidding about the carbs... but that would be funny if I ate a bowl of pasta for breakfast on the day of my 5k race.

Tomorrow I buy an iPhone.

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