Friday, July 11, 2008

Quick update!

I've been up for quite sometime this morning as I decided to make my way to the at&t store and get in line for an iPhone. I picked a store that was off the beaten path assuming the line would be less, but I was mistaken... it was a good 200 people long. So, I waited for an hour or so until a man came down the line and told us they were gone.

Of course!

This is not a surprise and although I really wish I had a new iPhone in hand currently, I will wait and make it happen soon. It was kind of fun standing in line with people and chatting about the ridiculosity of it all.

Also, I completed the race successfully. It was really quite a lot of fun being part of the mass as we made our way through the west loop of Chicago. The best part was when the heavens literally opened up and poured forth most might rain upon us. The skies were ominous and scary, but we just muscled our way through wind and rain and made it to the end.

Here is a before.

Here is after.

Awesome, right? I am really thankful to my two lovely coworkers for pushing me to do this and also to my dear friend Linsey who stood at the end of the race under her giganto umbrella and cheered me on. Incredibly nice.

She also took this sweet video as I crossed the line.

It's all kinda hilarious when I think about it, because well, I don't like running and it occurred to me that I haven't done anything remotely athletic and competitive since umm, junior high?

Today is a busy work day as students are coming for orientation.

Tonight I will see Feist.

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