Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Worth mentioning.

Man, I cut the crap out of my finger the other night while trying to open a can of refried beans. It was a deep cut and it bled for nearly 45 minutes before I just gave up and put a bandaid on it with the hopes that it would stop.

Now, because I had no more bandaids at home and I remembered there were some at work, I decided to not redress my wound until this morning.

Turns out the bandaids at work are Sponge Bob Square Pants bandaids.

I have no idea why I have Sponge Bob Square Pants bandaids.
I couldn't have purchased them.
Or could I?
Which brings me to another point.
My desk and work life have become full of the necessities, which I find simultaneously really nice and kind of frightening. It is as though I have officially moved in. I have a tooth brush and tooth paste. I have floss. Lotion. Tylenol. Airborne. Ricola. Some extra change. Socks. A Blanket for summer picnics. Garlic powder? umm and some other things not worth mentioning. (were any of those worth mentioning?)

I feel as though someday I should do a video tour of my office because although it is not a pretty space, it is not simply retro filing cabinets.

Tonight I will do a presentation for class and then I will nearly be done for the summer.
I can't wait.

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MC said...

I would like a video tour.