Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Turn that bike around.

I feel a bit off today.
A bad mood, maybe?
Possibly getting sick.
Feeling a bit disconnected and frustrated with the Wednesdayness of Wednesday.
Not quite here, nor there. Wednesday, that is.
I have a kink in my neck.
I also have a brand new office chair that doesn't quite fit my desk, which is especially frustrating as I made my way to Office Max in an effort to do some quality sitting and find the right chair. I found it, but it is too short and one couldn't know that unless one tried the chair at the desk.
So hopefully it will go to use elsewhere in this building.

You know, the truth is that I always have a small case of wanderlust, but summer brings it on big time. That is what I feel.

I'm trying to curb this all by running.
Yesterday I headed away from work trying quite hard to go home because I wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like working out, but I managed to turn my bike around and go back to the gym. I think I might have the same struggle today.

Ok, so if I'm not Debbie Downer enough for you, check out this little piece of info.

Stick a Pin in It


I'm going to go run around the hall or something and shake off the funk.

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