Friday, June 6, 2008

Bored in space.

I like the idea that I would potentially make it to space and just find myself bored. I mean, what is there really to do out there?

Have I ever told you about the bad kids who ride my bus?
I'm typically sympathetic to children's behavior because I have nine nieces and nephews and I know "how kids can be". This isn't to say I don't get frustrated with kids in general sometimes, but I get that they can't sit still and they tend to pick on each other etc.
This being said, there is this brother sister combo who ride the Fullerton bus east with me in the mornings and they are simply bad kids. Their behavior totally sucks and it takes most everything in me to not reach over and grab them by their ears and tell them so. As I typically ride my bike, I haven't been subjected to their bad behavior for a while, but this morning I bussed it and was reminded how I dreaded when I happened on the bus including the bad kids, but I had my headphones and I was prepared to fully ignore them.
The problem is, if you are sitting to close they inevitably end up in your space.
Hitting each other over you or simply slapping you by accident.
So this morning I had positioned myself far enough away and turned my music up just loud enough, but all of the sudden I realized that the entire back of the bus was turned around... staring at the bad kids. I don't know what happened, but some young gentleman took it upon himself to do what I have ALWAYS wanted to do.
Discipline them.
It was awesome.
He gave them the look, and everyone else did as a result.

5 minutes later, they were back to being bad.

This is another impetus to ride my bicycle.

My coworker was robbed yesterday.
I know so many people who get robbed.
I wish I did not.

I wish they would all sing and dance to this, like I am.

Bon weekend.

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