Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick thoughts.

I saw another fantastic movie on Tuesday evening. The Last Word is the story of a guy who writes epitaphs for persons who are going to commit suicide. It is dark, but has some points of humor and Winona Ryder really blew me away. I thought she was great and it is unfortunate that all I could think of most the time was the surveillance video of her shoplifting. I know, I know. It is an addiction.

Yesterday I was on the bus and I noticed this woman was in front of me reading a text book, so because I am nosy I was trying to figure out what it was. Then I noticed that it had two pictures of Britney spears on the page and I was wondering if she was reading US weekly inside a textbook, but no it was actually a text book that had used Britney as an example. I think it was some sort of developmental psychology thing because it said that Britney getting married and having a baby was a sign of her "growing up" to the public eye. Umm. Someone needs to send that textbook back to the manufacturer, stat.

My mother left a message on my phone yesterday. She and my father are on vacation and we have been playing phone tag because I can't seem to catch them when they are not either eating or lounging, so the message said "Daviiiiiinnnn. It's mother. (she always says this with the exact same inflection) We have been playing phone tag, but I thought maybe I could catch you. Well I will try again later. Oohh. Don't forget what is happening in a few days. I think it might be someone's birthday. I love you. Bye." Ha! I love that she is reminding me of my birthday in case I might forget? I have to figure out a way to save my parents phone messages because they are really priceless. My Dad's always say "Davin, it is you Dad. Everything in general. Nothing in particular."

Today really feels like summer. It is hot and muggy and I got off my bike at work in quite a sweat. I stopped by Starbucks to grab an iced coffee and while waiting I overheard the barista say to this "woman" "Do you want me to just remake it?" and she said "Oh, could you? I said tall VENTAY when I meant to say iced VENTAY." He obliged, but I wanted to take her aside and say actually you meant to say Venti pronounced VENTEE.

I think recounting that story makes me an annoying snob.

I will stop there.

Here, Robin and I enjoy our bubble teas.

and these are crabs.

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