Monday, June 16, 2008

Minus the deets.

I haven't told stories here yet today, not because I haven't had the time but rather because I don't know exactly where to start with my writing.

I could tell the story of the graduation ceremony that I helped coordinate and kept making me emotional even though I had no emotional investment in it. Mary said it is like Extreme Home Makeover in that it is supposed to make you emotional. It is even orchestrated for tears.

Or, maybe about how Tina and I traversed across the cityside to work on a project for our dear friend who is moving. It will be sweet when it is complete and I look forward to sharing it.

Or maybe even more eventfully, how I thought I was caught in a tornado on Sunday morning and the pane of glass on my front door was shattered. The best part about that story is that my landlady somehow managed to blame me for it.

But you know, I just am not feelin' like givin' the deets today. What I will do is post an embarrassing picture of Mary, detailing her sunburn she obtained whilst driving from PA to IL with her whiter than white arm out the window.

I will also say that I feel especially jealous of her travels this summer.

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fancy said...

haha. what is she doing in this photo? it looks like she's eating one of those sticks filled with powdered candy. it's funny.