Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here, kitty.

This morning on NPR, someone dedicated the segment to their cats. You know how you can give money and then they mention your name or you dedicate to "Jacob, the love of my life." or "My beautiful children whom without I could not live."? Well some cat lady (ahem) had the segment dedicated to like frisky and whiskers or something like that... and the catch phrase was "stay off the counter!"

I'm just sayin'.

I had a nice night watching Jessica in her new esteemed role at the Hideout and benefiting from her access to beverages. It was funny because somehow at one point conversation turned to the blogosphere and the internets and my blog(s) was explained. Jessica said it could potentially be my grocery list and I thought that was quite funny because it could indeed be my grocery list. In fact... just kidding. And you know, I wouldn't necessarily read this because I realize it is incredibly censored and not especially interesting, but I do like it as a record of the things I have done and will do. It is a lot of nothing, and I am totally ok with that as my goal for this summer is to do a better job of embracing nothing, so rather than feel self conscious about being boring, I will embrace this and all its nothingness.

Continuing on that track (whoa, puns!), I ran 3 miles yesterday and I rocked it. I even sprinted at the end. Look out Bastille Day 5k. I'm comin' for ya.

Turns out I can't get an iphone until next March... unless I buy myself out of my contract. I may do this. I think it is worth it.

I'm contemplating joining netflix again. This feels like another logical step toward embracing nothing. Or cable? Maybe cable, with movie channels. Then I might not leave my house. Danger! Danger!


fancy said...

i bet you wouldn't have thought twice if somebody bought their dog an npr shout out. what's with all the hate towards pussy?

LFo said...

ahahah. lol, fancy. rofl.