Monday, June 9, 2008

Hey Copper

I think my neighbors called the cops on me yesterday.

I decided (against my better judgment, see: cooler weather today)to install my air conditioner yesterday. It was the night before that really did me in as I didn't sleep much at all because the humidity seemed prohibitive. But, I've felt resistant to complaining much and or embarking upon an expensive summer of air conditioning because if you would read just a few entries ago in this blog you would find out that I've been cursing the cold for months. This being said, there is no denying that it is freaking hot lately and as Mary said to me on this very topic "it is only going to get hotter." So, I took heed end pulled the heavy thing out of the bottom of my closet.

This is where I think I got in a little trouble, because after nearly throwing my back out and putting the unit in my window (well, doesn't that sounds interesting)I had to go outside and figure out how to prop it up on the ledge. I searched my apartment for something resembling a 2x4, but alas there was not. The best I could come up with was a stack of plastic party plates that had been left at my place from Taylor and Al's engagement party. I figured these would suffice until I came up with a better solution, so I stood below the AC and shoved them underneath.

It was then that it occurred to me that it might look I was in fact trying to push the air conditioner in, robber style. I looked around. I didn't see anyone, so I proceeded. A good 15 minutes later I was standing in my dining room completing the task of installation and cleaning when I noticed the cops sitting in their little cop car outside my house looking at my windows. I just laid low with the hope that I wouldn't have to deal with them and eventually they went away.

This goes to show, don't try and push my unit in (ooo, once again!) or you might get the cops called on you.

The weekend was otherwise good. I enjoyed spending quality time with Mary.
The opening was quite nice.
I spent a good evening at Ravinia with the sounds of James Taylor, and I was able to make apartment somewhat cooler and my floors somewhat cleaner. Now I just need to get my paper somewhat written, so I can really kick of the summer.

Some pics from the opening.

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Robin said...

at least your neighbors are lookin out for you! ..even tho they thought You were the shady one trying to break into your place.