Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bits of Nostalgia.

Whoa, so, how annoying was yesterdays post? Terribly whiny I say.

But today, I am full of vibrant energy. Feeling generally good about the world and listening to music that sounds something like this:

(it is recommended that you also listen to this while you read the remainder of this post)

I think it was about a year ago next week (or this weekend) that I was headed off to the Dominican Republic for a week in the sun and although we didn't hear music like this while we were there, it somehow takes me back to that place.

Also, Cyd Charisse died the other day, ya know, and as I was running on the treadmill and watching the news I saw a clip from Singing in the Rain. Now, I'm no old movie aficionado, but I do know Singing in the Rain and Cyd Charisse and after a few chunks of time on YouTube I was reminded of what a spectacular dancer that woman was and a looker to boot.

Also, because all I do now is watch the news and run, I saw some tributes to Tim Russert yesterday and it occurred to me how when someone dies we eulogies them so quickly and then we move on... and that is a necessary part of the grieving process I think, but I like the idea of the memory of those we love living on. A life is bigger than a eulogy and influence is long lasting.

My grandmother's memory lives on with me. I remember her regularly and she somehow still influences what I do. I really loved that woman and she taught me a lot about living. She was a feisty lady and I'll never forget how in her later years she would take her cordless phone from her house and go for walks around the block... assuming that the phone would still work even if she was a block away. I think grandma would have loved cell phones.

And, I've been getting a lot of German spam lately to my work email. It reads something like this: "Probieren Sie es - Mann Lebt nur einmal" or this: "Potenzprobleme? Ab jetzt nicht mehr"
Oh, Jah!

Finally, tomorrow I am taking Robin to the beach with me whether she likes it or not. I've taken a day for relaxation and fun, so come rain or shine, we will be showing our white limbs off to the world. Actually, I don't know if anyone's limbs can be as white as mine are currently but I do know that I will still be slathered in spf30.


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