Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Kinks.

I feel like a million pounds have been lifted off my wee (although recently worked out) shoulders. I have completed my coursework for the school year and although I am not in the clear yet, my year of hectic commitments is coming to an end. After my work this Saturday, I will officially be able to call it summer. A sweet summer it will be. I have my vacation time mapped out and secured. I have tickets purchased for summer concerts, days specifically set aside to do nothing, projects to be completed and overall I just feel really good. I've almost made it through a hectic and semi rough patch. I feel successful.

AND, I'm ready for a "break", or something resembling a break.

Now, on to more important things.

I am not wearing any socks today and although I think this is perfectly fine, it occurred to my while I was waiting for the bus that maybe this is inappropriate work environment such as mine. See, I prefer no socks during the summer months because my feet (being extra large) get very hot and uncomfortable, so providing them with a little extra breathing room makes for me being a much happier camper. This being said, I work in an environment where I certainly push the dress code boundaries to begin with often wearing jeans when that is technically against the rules, so it seems that jeans and revealing a bear ankle may be a bit much.

But! Have no fear. When in need of fashion justification, take a trip on over to the Sartorialist.

Thanks, Sartorialist!

And this gentleman is rockin so chic grey in his locks, just as I soon will be.

In other consumer news, I want one of these, like, whoa.

My plan is up in November. Let's make it happen!

And in world news.
China put a ban on plastic grocery store bags. Go China!

Finally, in personal workout and health news.
I continue to eat better than I used to.
I also have continued to work out regularly and have run over three miles twice now, so I know can make it through my upcoming 5k run. I like that people are impressed when I say I'm running a race because it is quite silly to be impressed with something so short... but I'll take your oos and ahs. Keep em comin'.

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