Thursday, June 5, 2008

Also on my desk.

Don't ask me why.

The weather is so bizarre here today. I think tornadoes might be forecasted.

I had my last class last night. I wrote on the evaluation that I didn't think the professor knew how to control the class room and that it was not a safe space for multiple ideas or opinions. I also wrote that I thought he approached the class with a strong agenda in mind.

What if he reads my blog?

I'm missing friends who live away from me today.

I wish my life consisted of traveling to see them all regularly.

Mary will visit me tonight. Last time Mary stopped through my city, we tried to order pizza late at night only to find out that late night pizza delivery sucks. After many many MANY phone calls, we had to settle for Pizza Hut. The delivery guy somehow made it through my entryway door and stood at my door directly to my apartment. I didn't know this, and I thought I heard something, so in an effort to check to see what was going on I opened the door... and actually kind of screamed. He was standing there in the dark looking quite shocked. I think in the end I scared him more than he did me.

Maybe tonight we will go to a 24 hour diner. That seems safer.

I just realized I can go sell my books back right now. Nothing seems more gratifying than that possibility. I am off.

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