Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bart Got a Room

So, the Mardi Gras party was pretty nice.
There were beads and masks and cajun dishes. Crawfish even. Unfortunately, I could only indulge in the corn bread and I didn't win any of the raffles... so I just collected beads (not that way) and watched the many many people who I "work" with.
It is interesting to work for such a large institution.
So many people make this engine run, yet I know so few?
I suppose if I would have taken off my shirt for the beads I might have gotten to know a few more?

So then after this party, I headed over to the Music Box Theatre (a long and lovely walk) to see the GenArt screening of Bart Got a Room. It was a really nice little stylized feel good movie about a quirky family in south Florida. I really enjoyed it. It was light and funny and it was entertaining to hear the director and actors (just some) speak after the movie. Once it gets picked up by a distribution company, I recommend seeing it in theatres. After the screening, there was an after party at the Ravenswood Billboard Factory, which was also a really nice time. It seems that summer is leading me to a lot of gatherings and parties. I wish I could remember that during winter and do a better job of taking advantage of the time at home.

This is a week of celebration for me, I guess.

I'm headed to a pre-birthday, birthday lunch.
Oh man, literally just as I was typing this my boss walked in the door with a lawn chair.
It is for me.
It comes with plastic wine glasses.
It is my birthday present.
This life I live...

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