Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two more filled.

I had two more cavities filled yesterday. I convey this information with a sense of slight pride because the dentist told me we are nearing the end of my seemingly never ending dental work. I would be curious to know in total the number of hours and the many dollars I have logged through the last two and a half years of consistent dental visits. Yesterday alone cost me $164 which, when considering the over $600 price tag of my visit, it aint that much. But regardless, I'd rather be spending it on something else.

I did watch the Superbowl this weekend, maybe as another escape mechanism from completing school work, but I watched it and I enjoyed it. Especially the end. Those are moments in sports that I can relate to. I don't need to be invested in either team to know that there is a lot on the line and participants are planning and hoping to have their desired outcome. Wow. If I weren't me right now, I'd totally beat me up for just explaining it like that. But yea, it was a good game and I was in good company with good beer, veggie chili and delicious brownies.

I didn't end up taking in The Wrestler. It is as though that movie does not want me to see it. I can't seem to get there. Saturday ended up being a night of good company and delicious sushi at Mirai. Charlie and I ventured in even though I've always felt a bit intimidated by this place. I think in my head sushi should not be that expensive and I've always heard this place was. Turns out, not too bad. Honestly, the only thing bad about the evening was our service.

Today, I'm kinda not feelin' it. Yesterday every spare moment was commited to writing a paper and today I find myself not doing much and wishing I had a warm trip to look forward to, but alas all I can see is a big tax payment.

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