Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get up!

I've been using a French Press the last couple of days. I bought it on Sunday rather than a replacement carafe because I thought even if and when I do buy a new pot, it'll be nice to have a french press to switch it up a bit. I quite like the taste, but I think the process of making the coffee and cleaning up afterward may be a bit more cumbersome.

Last night after class I made my way home to do some late night cooking. I'm finding I have such limited time these days that I really have to plan ahead, so given all my delicious purchases on Saturday I wanted to make myself some lunch for the week.

So, At 10pm I got down to cooking two meals. One was a fake lamb dish with brown rice, red peppers, and snap peas. Nothing fancy, but all good tastes. I also made huge bowl of pasta salad because I think it is something that holds up well over a few days. The salad has flax seed pasta, green beans, snap peas, cucumbers, red and green pepper, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and some Parmesan cheese. Also, nothing fancy, but fresh and crunchy and delicious. I'm looking forward to eating at lunch.

Upon everyone's recommendation I've begun to watch the "Up Series." I've only made it through two the of DVDs and it is blowing my mind. I keep thinking about the ways in which these people's lives may turn out and then I can't help but wonder the ways in which my life might look documented in this way. I recommend spending some time with these DVDs if you haven't already.

I have to go run errands.

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