Monday, February 16, 2009


I've got a cold coming on.
I can feel it.
I didn't sleep well and then this morning I began to feel it in my throat.
Now it is in my eyes and I feel generally tired and sickly, so I imagine I will have a full fledged cold in a day or two.


Let's assume otherwise, because I don't feel in the mood for a cold.

Ryan and I made our way to the Asian supermarket this weekend where I picked up some more of the semi magical faux ham that Robin introduced me to. It really blows my mind and I know that people who aren't vegetarian like to make fun of vegetarians for eating things that are supposed to taste like meat, but I don't actually care. I don't care, because this stuff tastes awesome and it allows me a flavor without ingesting all the junk that comes along with eating meat. Anyway, that rant aside, I also picked up a number of other delicious ingrediants, mostly Vietnamese and I'm nothing but excited to cook with them. I already made myself a delicious soup last night.

Actually, before we made our way over to the market we enjoyed one dinner at what I think may be one of my favorite restuarants, Tank Noodle. It is incredible and for some reason on Saturday evening the combination of noodles and vegetables and broth... well, it all just hit the spot. I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it right now. Follow it up with a bubble tea and it is just one helluva meal.

I'm well into my Anne Lamott book and I'm realizing I already read it, but I don't mind. I'll read it again. I'd like to think that if I were to synthesize some of my thoughts on faith more clearly they would come out like hers.

I have one final abbreviated story/confession to end my my post today.
Last night, I deleted my friend's DVR.
The truth is, I didn't do it. The DVR fritzed out and I had no choice but to take action that resulted in deleting all the saved programs and I'm feeling monumentally guilty about it.
The funny part is, that when I tell people this they all seem to say something like "Well, Steve was able to recover Giles and Mimi for Miranda..." and I have no choice but to respond that these shows are in fact deleted. Gone. Poof! And although I can imagine worse offenses and I don't know how much responsibility actually situates itself with me, but but but I'M SORRY, LINSEY.



Jessica said...

omg. at least lulu and i watched united states of tara on friday. linsey, feel free to give davin a lashing with the remote when you see him next.

LFo said...

Oh, how I wish I could place blame on someone other than Comcast, but, alas, I cannot. I now have a shiny new DVR, new remote and new box in my room. Here's to hoping this will end the Cable Drama!