Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't toy with me, you!

I'm actually shvitzing a little bit in my office, here. That is how warm it is today. A high of 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of February, I tell you. It's either a blessing or a curse because now we shall be tempted for Spring when it is not truly upon us. I think the Midwestern winter to be the most cruel of seasons, and today's heat wave is a perfect example.

Don't toy with me, you!

I gotta tell you that there is a downside to a big melt like today. Now although I no longer have to look at all the dog urine lining the snow banks of my sidewalk, what lies under those snow banks is now revealed and it is typically garbage and dead leaves. I think this is one of the more unpleasant parts of being in a city this time of year. In the country, we just had to deal with mud. I was ok with that.

It also reminds me that I don't have a bicycle. I with I could do something about that.

I've been a bit absent from blogging for a few days. I don't have a particular out of the ordinary reason other than that I've been busy. Yesterday was actually a day of notable accomplishments, getting into work and getting things done. I devised the appropriate lists and started checking them off in a quick like fashion. It felt good, really. By the end of the day my email in box was nearly empty and my desk pretty much paper free. I should follow this pattern more often, but then maybe days like that wouldn't feel so good?

I finished my book this weekend. I think Mary and I have decided that overall the book was a nice pat on the back for the ways in which we currently run our lives, but I also took away some new ideas about what qualities I might posses or be inclined to grow that would have more commonly perceived value than I feel they do now. It was interesting, because after finishing the book on Sunday I heard a piece on NPR yesterday morning about called The Tyranny of Dead Ideas which, I thought sounded fascinating and might serve as a good follow up.

I saw Coraline this weekend. In 3D! which, I have to say was a pretty great experience. I can't recall seeing a 3D movie since I was last at Disney World. Other than the little girl next to me continually saying "I want to go home!", I was able to suspend my usual disbelief with regards to animation. It was dark and fantastical and overall really enjoyable.

I also spent some time with Ryan and Linsey at the new coffee shop that has opened up down the street. We each did our respective readings, Ryan and I for class, Linsey for pleasure and I was just so glad to have this space to be in. It seems as though the neighborhood is finally taking off with a new Thai place having just opened just three blocks from my house (which tastes quite delish and brought out all the neighbors whom I hadn't seen) and now a perfectly typical coffee shop that harkened back to the Filter of old.

Tonight I embark back on my rehearsal journey with the William Ferris Chorale. It reminds that spring is a busy time, but I'm welcoming it.

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threefoxes said...

yeah i know i need to update:) um and I just read about what lies beneath the snow.. the ugliness pretty much ruined our 2 days of warm for me.. that and walking to my bank only to find it was closed due to robbery- ugh ugh ugly. it is such an interesting contrast.. the beautiful white blanket of snow making everything look so clean, then it melts and you see all the shit hiding underneath!! this is why I seldom do my hair or wear makeup.. trying to make peace with the crap:)