Friday, February 20, 2009

As Performance

I'm feeling especially contemplative these days. It started pretty hardcore the other night when I was watching age 28 of the Up Series. It prompted a rather intense conversation at lunch yesterday about where we see ourselves currently and how that lines up with expectations of where we should be etc. I guess watching age 28 really rang especially true for me because I am nearly there and it seemed as though many of the participants in the series had made some sort of arrival at 28. As though they had reached some sort of self realization about purpose and identity. I guess this made me question where I am in the midst of that. I personally don't feel like I've arrived in anyway and I wonder why that may be. I think the only thing I can attest to is knowing myself better. Handling situations better because I know my capabilities better than I ever have before.

This too is confused by a recent discussion in class about self as performance .... which got me thinking that when we say things like "I'm more comfortable in my own skin." maybe we're saying "I'm getting better at performing as me." I don't know.

It is also February, and you know what happens in February. *Waah Waaaaaah*
It was a mere 14 degrees this morning and as I walked to the bus I just thought how eager I am for the tips of my fingers to not be cold any longer.

I'm working on a mix for my friend. It was her birthday the other day and there will be a gathering in her honor tonight, so I'm trying to put together some danceable tunes. I'm finding this a challenge. It seems maybe my acquisition of new music has slowed. I have a lot of old stuff which I enjoy listening too, but may be kind of boring on a mix.

So, I've started to try and do something that I know a number of you will roll your eyes at. I've started to use Twitter. The reason I would roll my eyes at me is because I've been lamenting how I thought Twitter was simply too much information and I'm not interested in sharing or taking in that extra info. My brain is overloaded with useless knowledge already. That being said, I'm going to give it a try and with maybe less interest in sharing more of myself/learning more about others, but rather as a tool for information sharing. I won't explain fully right now, but I've started a Twitter for our office and I wanted to explore it from a personal end a bit too. I may not actually maintain it, but we'll see.

I'm off to Crust tonight, and quite looking forward to it. Let's hope the 6" of snow they say is coming our way, decides to head elsewhere.

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