Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Because Everyone's Mom is on Facebook

As I'm sure many of you have heard me lament, Facebook has reached an all new level of social awkwardness for me. It feels like a social hierarchy has somehow been broken and I'm willingly yet reluctantly participating in it.

So, along this theme you know everyone (if you're on Facebook) was doing this 25 "random" things about themselves, which I didn't do... but now I've given in. I'm going to buck the system though. I'm going to post them on my blog rather than Facebook. I also have to say that this was kind of an interesting exercise in self reflection.

1. Each morning I get up, turn on NPR, start my coffee and take a shower. This really never varies.

2. Speaking of coffee, it sits right up there at the top of my favorite things in the world. The thing about coffee is that for me it goes so much deeper than taste, and more into ritual. A cup of coffee to start the day or a cup of coffee for an afternoon break. And then, there is the after dinner cup. Love.

3. "Thank you" is huge with me.

4. I have a hard time buying jeans that are the right size because when I was young my mother used to preach that it was best to buy one size up because you never know what will happen. Subsequently, I think this is part of a bigger fat kid complex that I deal with.

5. I moved to Chicago thinking that I would live here a year or two. That was five years ago.

6. My laugh is absolutely ridiculous. It is high pitched and my body typically contorts. Oddly enough, I don't feel embarrassed about this. It seems like appropriate ridiculousness.

7. I often regret my inability to engage in the moment. I'm usually spending time being afraid I'm wasting the moment and planning for the future. As I get older, I do get better about this.

8. This is my fifth year of vegetarianism and I count it as one of my better life decisions. I'm not married to it as an identity but I really can't imagine eating meat… but who knows. I pretty much love everything about being a vegetarian, accept when I have to explain it at dinner.

9. I'm only on number 9 and I'm afraid that this whole thing is rather narcissistic.

10. I've somehow managed to keep friends that represent each different segment of my life. Early childhood to now and I am often reminded that it is rare and something I am thankful for.

11. I guess further on this theme, I have friends that are in different corners of the country and I often feel frustrated that I can't hop on a plane more freely to visit them. It seemed about a year ago that a large chunk of friends up and moved all at once. This is how life works and is something I tried to expect, but you can't replace those relationships.

12. Sometimes I can't stop relating everything to everything. For instance, if I'm reading a book it will invade every conversation. I think this is probably a bit annoying for those who spend any sort of significant time with me.

13. I have a terrible time watching movies at home. I typically fall asleep even though I want nothing more than to stay awake. This is one of the ways in which I know I am my parents' son.

14. I usually try to do too many things at once.

15. Number 14 makes me think that I've turned into exactly what my Father warned me he had become: a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I think I might be ok with that, though.

16. I'd like to be a bit more of a foodie.

17. That being said, I've begun to try and cook more as I think that process and ceremony is pretty special as well. I'm not that good at it, but I'm committing to keep trying.

18. I'm glad for the art of critical thinking.

19. I think in some ways I'm the ultimate consumer. I don't mean this with regards necessarily buying but I often feel obsessed with consuming some sort of media or information. To what end? I don't know.

20. I've had almost everything you could name stolen from me and I'm totally ok with that.

21. I take that back. I want the second bike that was stolen from me back. (and maybe that first laptop)

22. A mix CD is often part of my getting to know you process.

23. I broke my nose when I was 4, while running in a sprinkler with my eyes closed. I ran into a kid who was shorter than me.

24. I would like to convince everyone I know to dance and sing. I'm pretty sure that nothing feels better than doing one or both of these thing unabashedly and if you don't let yourself go there, you're missing out.

25. Ok, I think that is enough about me.

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