Monday, February 23, 2009


So, screw the Oscars... check out Michelle Obama!

It seems as though this woman could teach Hollywood a thing or two about a red carpet entrance. Well played, First Lady.

I did in fact watch the Oscars last night and I think my viewing group collectively agreed that it was a successful awards show. I don't know when I could last say that, but overall I thought the ideas were well conceived and I thought the flow worked nicely. It seemed like they employed a lot of ideas that many of us who watch award shows (not sure exactly why we do, but...) think (often times aloud) "why don't they just do it like this?" Basic ideas that make sense and make the presentation more personal, relatable, and meaningful. So, cheers to whoever put that show together and "oops!" to the guy who couldn't get that curtain opened on time and had the guy yell at them over live tv "OPEN IT!"

Oh, and I didn't disagree with any of the winners. I thought overall they were all deserving. This year I actually saw most of the films (save Frost/Nixon, Frozen River and The Visitor), so in my humble opinion, those who won, should have.

You know, in unrelated news, this morning I was internally lamenting my wait for the bus, which then turned into silently cursing that I have to ride the bus, which turned into an utter annoyance at the people talking next to me on the bus because I couldn't concentrate on my reading. But then, I had some moment of clarity amidst it all. I actually started to listen to their conversation more closely and I don't even really know how to describe these people or what they were saying other than that we couldn't have been more different. If you were to judge us by appearances, probably profession, socioeconomic position, origin etc. you would not place me in a similar space with these people but as I sat and listened to their conversation after my initial annoyance I heard them talking about things that I would talk about, just framed in a completely different way. After I realized this, I immediately became thankful that I share a bus with people like this... and frankly any and all people that ride the bus because otherwise I could see myself becoming so singularly caught up in my world that I would miss out on the wonderful variety that life affords. And not simply variety, but the realization that we are all the same yet so deliciously different. That sounds cheesy and I'm annoyed that I am not able to articulate this how I want to right now, but let me say it like this: I wouldn't have traded sitting next to that loud and annoying conversation this morning for any quieter and more comfortable ride.

I'm off for now.

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LFo said...

Our first lady is hot.