Monday, October 13, 2008

Indian Summer


What a lovely weekend, eh?
Yesterday reached 80 degrees and the sun shown itself throughout each day.
I did my best to take advantage of it as did most everyone I know, saying repeatedly "this is probably our last chance." which is true, I mean, it is October.
This was our Indian Summer, which my politically correct mind fears is an offensive term, but after reading the Wikipedia definition, I think it not.
Such a silly boy, I am.

Friday, I had a lovely night with my dear friend Ana as we enjoyed a lovely meal at the HopLeaf, and then did our best to enjoy Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, which was a lot funnier when I saw it two years ago. Now it just seemed kinda far out and not very funny. It was a good time, regardless. Saturday I spent the morning enjoying my home with what seemed to be summer sun shining in the windows. I love cleaning on Saturday mornings and listening to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." It reminds me of Saturdays at the Youngs home in Michigan. I spent the afternoon in the park with Tim, literally soaking up what sun we could and catching up on the events from the past week. Saturday evening, Ryan, Christina, Linsey and I attempted to see "Rachel Getting Married" but it was sold out, so instead we made our way over to the Logan Theatre to see "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" which, I loved. I had been wanting to see it for quite some time and am glad I finally did because I honestly loved every minute of the movie. I thought it was classic Woody Allen and it I loved the fantasy of it all. I was sucked in. Penelope Cruz was certainly the standout... which, by the way, I think in general she is an underrated actress. I definitely think she gets the short end of the acting stick because she is as beautiful as she is.

Sunday morning I sang and then did some much needed grocery shopping with Christina. The remainder of the afternoon was spent around Logan Square with my friend Julian who was viseting from New York. Overall, a stellar weekend.

In voting news, I'm considering voting early. I received a piece of mail on Saturday telling me where I could do so and originally I thought I wanted to vote on November 4th like the bulk of the country, but I think I might as well get it over with since I am decided and I feel like anything I can do to simplify or streamline the voting process, I should. Any input on this would be helpful.

And finally, I have one question: Why is no one talking about this!?

Alaska Inquiry Concludes Palin Abused Powers

I don't understand.

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LFo said...

I think I'm voting early too. At the library.
I like the thought that we'll be doing our part to streamline the voting process. Nicely put.