Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can't resist

I simply cannot resist my two favorite discoveries from the day after debate news.

What about Joe the Plumber you ask? Well, turns out he isn't a licensed plumber... and, well he owes a bit in back taxes, so he would in fact be worried about taxes.

To vet?

But perhaps of more relevance than Joe could ever have, we turn to Tyra Banks who seems to be able to bestow true wisdom that can benefit the likes of Senator McCain.

Which brings me to my third and final point: (SPOILER)Leanne won Project Runway, WHICH I was pleased with... but overall, it feels anticlimactic, no? I feel like she did well, but the season/show as a whole lost some oomph for me. Don't get me wrong, I simply cannot stop watching, but I feel rather indifferent about the whole thing. So, I'll just go back to practicing my eye smile.

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LFo said...

Hey, isn't Joe the Plumber's name really Sam or Steve or something? Freaking hilarious.
I LOVE that the Republicans didn't vet him. Mostly, I LOVE that Barack's response to his question on the campaign trail was, "Well, Joe, even if I don't get your vote, know that I will do what I can for you."
To me, that's a big difference between the parties - one will use you to prove a point, even if you don't REALLY represent the people they're trying to reach, and the other will agree to disagree but will move along with what they believe.