Monday, October 6, 2008

Chapter not written

Ugh. I totally have neck and back pain again.
Something about my neck and back is wrecked.
Back to the Chiro!

You know, this weird thing happens in Chicago that really throws me off. It comes from Cubs baseball and I'm sure people who are fans don't think twice about it, but in my mind it is a trigger that is quite regretful. See, people put these big blue "W" signs in their windows, on their cars, in their yards... and in my mind that immediately takes me back to the presidential election of 2004 when people were doing the same in support of George W Bush.

Which reminds me, have you seen the previews for the movie called "W" with Josh Brolan? I just have absolutely no interest in seeing that. Give me 4 years and maybe, but certainly not now.

Speaking of movies, I saw Religulous on Saturday night.
I think it is a rental.
My friends who I saw it with may disagree, but I felt like it was what I expected.
The editing was very similar to a Michael Moore movie and although I think Bill Maher is intelligent and an interesting character creating worthwhile discussion, I simply don't think he is always very nice to people... which I find off putting.
I do think he raises valid points and asks questions that are worth asking, so in that respect I think it worth watching.

This is followed by the fact that yesterday I went to see an amazing lecture by this gentleman named James Skillen. He basically spoke about the role of religion in politics. I really appreciated what he had to say and should you want to sit down to coffee with me, I would do my best to explain.

And to follow up on politics (entertainment?) Tina Fey killed it this week on SNL. This was far and away the funniest skit yet and Queen Latifah as Gwen Ifill? A-mazing. I actually saw Ms. Ifill on MSNBC and she was talking about how perfect the skit was, lifting actual text from the Vice Presidential debate. She also spoke about how she felt the political parties tried to use her as a distraction from the debate, bringing up this book she is writing, claiming it to be about Barack Obama when in fact is about African Americans in politics. She said she hadn't even written any of the the Obama chapter yet because his story hasn't finished.

Anyway... if you haven't, watch this skit. I really was laughing way to loud for being by myself:

Friday night I was somehow talked into dancing until 4 in the morning and I feel a bit like I'm paying the price today, having a difficult time waking up.
I'm going to go right for that third cup of coffee and get to work.

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LFo said...

I totally agree with you re: Religious and the whole "W" thing.

I'd like to take you up on your offer to go over what you learned at the lecture. Sounds v. interesting.