Wednesday, October 8, 2008



Where to even begin?

I don't have much to say about the debate that you can't read elsewhere. Overall, I found it underwhelming and negative. I thought the Town Hall aspect of it didn't make much difference in the overall scheme of words exchanged. At very best, I thought it prohibited McCain from bring up the tired issue of Bill Ayers. But overall... YAWN.

What I do find most disturbing about recent political happenings is the way in which some republican rallies have gotten a bit "out of control." Apparently eliciting shouts from the audience like "Terrorist!" and "Kill Him!" Can you imagine being a part of something like that? Really? I can't think of anything more shameful or wrong ... and frankly, disappointing.

Ok, so in more important news, I got these shoes resoled and picked them up yesterday.

This isn't a great picture of them but they are totally My Three Sons wingtips. Actually, it occurs to me that maybe I've blogged about them before and they have become my favorite work shoe. I remember my father wearing them (as well as penny loafers) when I was young. I found these at the Salvation Army for $12. They are perfect except the sole began to detach from the shoe so I took them to the cobbler down the street and got them half resoled, which I didn't even know they can do... but it is pretty impressive!

Mary and I joked that after I stopped at the Cobbler's I should make a stop at the Black Smith's and the Candle Stick Maker's.

I did neither.

Yesterday I went to the gym and did a half-assed workout. Seriously, it was pathetic. The only thing that kept me on the treadmill was the news, which I basically walked and watched, but they did a section on stress reduction. Studies now show that stress can be a direct cause of more and more illnesses. The recommendations for stress reduction were basic and of course things I already know, but I do find it fascinating that one of them is to simply breath. If you pay attention to your breath patterns right now, are you breathing normally or holding your breath? I often hold my breath, (subconsciously) and it is not a healthy thing to do. Maybe this makes me breath retentive. Anyway, today I'm planning to breathe.

Ps. How pathetic are those filing cabinets behind me?


MC said...

Two things:

I believe I joked that you needed to go pick up your collar from the lace maker.

Which half of your ass did you work out?

Alex said...

i am in full support of your trip to the cobbler. when people talking about saving money, that's the kind of stuff you should do.. insead, people focus on getting "good deals" when they buy new things.. when in essence, you should stop buying new things. however, i think it's funny you have perfect salvation army shoes you took to the cobbler, yet you also have transatlantic fancy shoes that you never want to admit how much money you paid for them. what a renaissance man!