Monday, October 27, 2008

Cuh Cuh Cooooold

So, I slept in the cold last night.
Something is broken on my furnace and my landlady was not able to get it fixed yesterday, so I piled on the sweat pants and sweat shirt and multiple blankets and went to bed early. I woke up with a cold nose and ears, but for the most part it was OK.
The worst part was touching the cold floor as I stepped out of bed this morning, but the hot water still works so I made my way immediate to a hot shower.
The funny part about this is that it was nearly below freezing here in Chicago last night, so the first night of almost winter weather and I have no heat.
The other bit of irony is that I don't control the heat in my apartment and often find myself complaining about how ridiculously hot it is... but, not last night.
It reminded me of that fact that all three of my siblings actually grew up with no heat in the upstairs of our farm house. They tell stories of using electric blankets and waking up with boogers turned to icicles. I was fortunate enough to grow up during the fully heated era, and I'm thankful for that.

I'm wearing a tie today to impress the accreditors.
I'm not sure it is working.

I had really quite a nice weekend.
In terms of productivity, I finally removed my air conditioner from the window, which caused a firestorm of sorting and throwing things out as I had to do so to fit said AC into my "Monica Closet." It actually felt really amazing and I threw away heaps of stuff that I don't use. This general tossing is keeping with my policy that if most things are not used within the last year they are not necessary to keep. Most clothes, I give the six month rule to, but there were silly things in the back of my closet that have been sitting there since I moved into this apartment and that is simply too long.
Out to the dumpster it all went and my closet is now the picture of organization.

In the realm of leisure, I saw Rachel Getting Married on Friday, which I have to say I recommend. The only way I can explain it is that you feel like a voyeur on a bit of a surreal circumstance. It was kind of like an Altman movie, but it was heightened. Anne Hathaway was really fantastic, but I think maybe the Oscar buzz is a little stretch.

Saturday night, Ryan and I saw the Friendly Fires and Lykke Li, which I thought was a pretty fantastic show. I hadn't heard the Friendly Fires, but they were a great British pop/rock/dance band that had a great set. Lykke followed them with a pop set that had a bit of a goth vibe. I was loving it. She also had the sweetest Swedish accent and danced like and African tribal dancer. Two more things I'm fond of.

People keep giving me baked goods, which of course is AWESOME, but I hope they're prepared for there to be more of me to love if they keep doing so.

I'm off.

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