Friday, October 31, 2008

Frightful Prospects

Happy Halloween my friends.

I have to tell you, I'm never big on Halloween until it gets to be the day of and I'm irritated that I didn't spend more time planning the evening out. In someways Halloween feels a bit like new years to me, in that it is better if it happens organically, the only problem with that is that a proper costume needs planning.

But alas, today is the day and on the street this morning I already saw many a costume walking down the sidewalk acting as though nothing was weird or strange, requiring me to do the same?

This is my best Halloween contribution thus far. My carved pumpkin. I always have intention to do an amazing job of carving my pumpkin, but then I realize it is not an easy task so I go for the old faithful jackolantern look.

Turns out they expecting as many as a million people downtown next Tuesday. I think this could be a possibility, but maybe a bit of a stretch. Besides, I've decided there will be no celebrating a won election until the election is indeed won. Most of us have been here before, where we thought our candidate would win and they just didn't, so let that be a lesson learned. The election aint ovah until it is ovah.

This all for now.

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