Thursday, October 16, 2008

I feel that if I wait long enough

Since my grand win of a $25 Best Buy gift card, I've decided to start entering contests. Maybe my "luck" has changed for the better (read: ignore recent bike loss)? So, I've entered two contests thus far. The first is for a fantastic photographic print and the second is for a trip to Paris. I am planning on winning both. I think now I should begin searching for contests with the prize of a new bicycle. I feel like it is the least I can do because I simply don't have the funds to buy any of these things right now and the only real way for me to take an active role in obtaining them is to hope someone else gives them to me.

Which, reminds me of this cartoon from the New Yorker that Mary sent me a while back.

That is officially me.

So, I honestly didn't watch the debate in its entirety as I was sitting through my terrible (ouch) class. But what I did watch pretty much looked like this:

Ahhh. Hahaha. That is a brilliant capture and really is just a reflection of John McCain almost going to the wrong chair, but how funny. Honestly, I'm ready to early vote and get this over with. I'm simply waiting to figure out how I will vote in the local elections, particularly with regards to judges, but once I do that I'll just leave the rest up to "Joe Plumber." God help 'im.

It's so freegin' amazingly fall outside it is just about killing me to be under these flourescent lights. I'm finding myself increasingly antsy these days.

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