Friday, October 24, 2008

Important Bits

I've attempted to begin this blog each day since I last blogged, but my attempts have proved not fruitful as the days seem to get away from me and there also may be nothing of value to write. At work we are currently preparing for a group of white men to come tell us whether we can continue being a music school or not. They call themselves accreditation, but I just call them more work. I think what frustrates me most about spending time working on things like this is that I know how this stuff goes and so much of the material we are asked to prepare simply will not be looked at, so it make the process of preparing it a bit of a begrudged one.

You know, I got an automated call from my credit card last night telling me that I could 0% APR on any purchases until the end of September. I wanted to call them right back and say "Listen, Jerk. That is how you got me into that mess in the first place." Or maybe I simply should have handled it like Charlotte and said "I CURSE THE DAY YOU WERE BORN!"

That message was actually followed by a gentleman from the Obama campaign asking me to go to Indiana and do some work there... and I have to say I was almost tempted. I wish my life allowed me more flexibility with that sort of thing, but I guess the best I am able to do is be an annoying political blogger.

I have to tell you all that it is tempting to me to send forwards and videos all day long. I could create a whole blog around them creating a political case for my belief system. I refrain (as much as I can) because I don't want to be that dude, but it is tempting at times. I was thinking yesterday of how I am the ultimate consumer of information, as I spend my days at a desk with the internet at my disposal. I am connected to multiple news sources and probably even more bogus sources of information, but I am voraciously consuming information. It is what gets me through these days in an office, but I realize that might not be the case for everyone else so I try to share only the important bits.

I picked up some photos from the visit to the orchard this weekend and I thought I'd share.

As you can see, it was really a lovely Autumn day.

Finally, I want to leave you with a new band I'm been listening to. Benoit Pioulard
They are the perfect aural for a rainy day like to day. They've also made a lovely video which you should take a look at if you have the chance.

Bon weekend!


Jam♥ said...

It happens~

Good luck with fighting then filtering the bits into the important and not-so-important sections.

Linsey said...

I like the pic of Ryan chomping on the little cran-appley-thing. Yum.

One more thing - how do you know that your accreditors will be white men? And what difference does that make? Are you overwhelmed by talk of how race is impacting the election? Ha. Careful - you're going to start quoting Rachel Maddow before you know it.