Monday, April 6, 2009

To Vicodin or not to Vicodin?

There is this thing that happens in Chicago around February where all of us start bemoaning the winter. It is to be expected as February is terribly dreadful month. But then, once we start complaining outloud about bad it is, you start to hear people say things like "Well, don't get your hopes up. March is worse." I'm one of these people. I think March is that absolute worst month because you think it might be Spring by March but it is SO not Spring. It doesn't even pretend to be Spring. But, the thing about March is that you don't hear people say "Well, APRIL is even WORSE!" Never! In our minds, April is like flowers and light jackets and sunshine and well... IT'S NOT TRUE! Today is April 6th and it has been snowing for two days. Don't kid yourselves my fellow Chicagoans. April sucks, too.

But, May...

In my hand right now, well, not actually in my hand but next to my hands sit three bottles of pills. See I'm still nursing this killer tooth ache and I wont get the canal done until the 13th, so in the mean time I have to venture into some previously charted medicinal territory. If I hadn't have gone through this whole root canal thing before it would be uncharted, but it has DEFINITELY been charted.

The first bottle is for Clindamycin, which is an antibiotic, which is supposed the help kill the infection in my bum tooth. The thing about me and Clindamycin is that it makes my stomach all sorts of a mess. Like, the kind of mess, you don't really tell people about. But, I mentioned this in vague terms to my dentist so he also prescribed for me Metronidazole. This is supposed to even out all the bad things that antibiotics do to your/my poor little tummy. Then! comes the pain killer, our friend, Vicodin. Now I understand that many would find this prospect exciting, but having taken Vicodin in the past, I know the results are not so desirable. Sure the pain will be gone, but frankly, so will I.

So, what to do? What to do??

I don't want to deal with the pain... but I don't know that I want to deal with side effects of all these meds either.

I'll keep you posted. Or, maybe not.

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